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Prospect Legal is Bhopal based leading Legal consultancy firm for Certification and Registration, we offer complete solutions for Trademark Registration in Bhopal and Copyright Registration in Bhopal.

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Trademark Registration is important! Yes we repeat it. Want to know why? Visualize the big, yellow and happy ‘M’ of McDonalds or the elegant ‘tick mark’ of Nike and you’ll realize that a trademark brands your business, product or service in a significant way.

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What is a Trademark?

A trademark is an identifiable mark, design or even a word which identifies a product or a services of a particular business.

As soon as you have applied for the trademark, you can use the ™ symbol next to your name. And after the trademark registration is complete can you use the ® symbol. Both these symbols give your brand great protection and value in the market. A trademark is as critical as cash flow!

Having a trademark registered can save precious time and money in case of a dispute. Investors also carry out a thorough check of the intellectual property protection a firm enjoys before they invest. Not having even protected your trademark could affect investment, exit or acquisition.

Call 958-438-8677 | 975-207-7788 for Trademark Registration in Bhopal