Central Labor License Registration Consultant

Central Labour Licence Registration Consultant in Bhopal

Prospect Legal is a Bhopal based legal consultancy company, we provide legal consultancy services for Central Labour license or Labor license registration in Bhopal. If you want to get a Central Labour license in Bhopal for your business and looking for legal consultant then contact Prospect Legal to get legal consultancy for your Central Labour License.

What is Labour License?

A labour contractor who employs labours and do works under principal employer is required to take labour license from labour department of the state or central.

When you should get Central Labour License?

If you are a labour contractor and providing your labour to a central govt registered organization or department then you will need to get a labour license from a Central Labour department office of your area. You should apply and get the central labour license as soon as you get the contract from central govt registered organization or department.

If you apply for your Central Labour department after some dealy, then labour department will ask you about the reason of dealy.

If you need Central Labour License for your labor contract and looking for a legal consultant then contact Prospect Legal by calling below mobile number and we will apply for central labour license for you and on behalf of your company:


Prospect Legal is private and paid legal consultancy provider company for Central Labour License registration.

What we will do to get Central Labour License?

  1. First we will discuss about license requirement, govt fees and our legal fees.
  2. We will collect your documents required to apply for Central Labour License.
  3. If any document required and you dont have that document then we will guide you.
  4. We will prepare formats and will give you for your signature.
  5. We will apply for Central Labour License registration.
  6. If required then we will visit Central Labour department on behalf of your company.
  7. Labour Department Will Grand Labour License.
  8. We will provide you Central Labour License and login credentials (if any)