DGFT Digital Signature Certificates

DGFT Digital Signature Certificates

To interact with Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) Department online, vendors require a special kind of Digital Signature Certificate with there company name. It is also named as class 3 DGFT Digital Signature Certificate.

DGFT Digital Signature is opened to Only Importers – Exporters who have a valid IEC Code from DGFT Department can use DGFT Digital Signature Certificate. Apart from importers – exporters, any person from an Exim organization having authority to do transactions with DGFT on behalf of the organization can obtain DGFT Digital Signature Certificate.

DGFT Digital Signature comes under the Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate type which is required for communication with DGFT for several purposes. DGFT DSC is available with Signing version only. Being Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate type, it is also issued with 1 year and 2 year validity period. DGFT Digital Signature Certificate can be obtained by an authorized Individual on behalf of organization or Exim organization. It is must to have organization authorization letter for obtaining DGFT DSC.

Benefits of DGFT Digital Signature:

  • Cost Savings: DGFT has extended attractive Monetary incentives waiver on license fee for those Exporters & Importers using DGFT Digital Signature Certificates.
  • Less Paper Work: DGFT Digital Signature also reduces paperwork considerably for the user, thus down the associated costs, Reduced Turnaround Time, Convenience.
  • Online Security: Login to DGFT Portal using a DGFT Digital signature is far more secure than using an ID & Password
    Confidentiality, Integrity, and Non- Repudiation, thus bringing Trust and Confidence into online experience.

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