Patent Services

What is a Patent?

The best way to protect an invention is to apply for a Patent. A Patent is an exclusive right to exploit an invention. For example, if Vikram discovers a new way to kill harmful bacteria in food, he is entitled to a Patent so that his hard-work and research can be rewarded by providing him with monetary rewards.

See if your invention is patent-able An invention is patent-able if it meets the following requirements:

  • Novelty: the invention should not have been anticipated by any published document
  • Inventive Step: the invention should not obvious
  • Industrially applicable: the invention should possess utility

Our Patent Services:

  1. Patent Search and Filing
  2. Patent Drafting
  3. Patent Infringement Notices and Litigation
  4. Appearance Before Registrar for Patent Hearing
  5. Patent FER (First Examination Report) Replies