How to get PSARA License for Private Security Company


Private Security Agencies are those organizations who are involved in providing security services to any Property or to any Human, including training of Security Guards. No Company or Individual can commence a business or provide security guard without holding a valid license. It is mandatory to obtain license from State Authority concerned. It means even if PSARA is centrally controlled by Ministry of Home Affairs, still the authority to issue license has been delegated to respective State Government.

The PSARA License is issued to operate in one or more district of a particular state or for the entire State. If anyone wants to run Security Business in Multiple States, then they need to make separate application in each state and have to comply with respective State procedure.

PSARA License Registration Process

  1. Documentation
  2. Application Submission
  3. PSARA Govt. Fees payment
  4. Office & Applicant Verification
  5. Approval of Application
  6. Issue PSARA License

Eligibility for PSARA License Registration

All Indian nationals are eligible for PSARA license as an Individual/Firm/Company, except the one who falls under following category –

  1. Convicted for an offence in connection with promotion or formation of company
    Convicted by court for an offence, punishment for which is imprisonment of not less than 2 years.
  2. Keeping links with any organisation or association which is banned under any law on account of their activities which pose threat to national security or public order or there is information about such a person indulging in activities which are prejudicial to national security or public order.
  3. Dismissed or removed from Government service on grounds of misconduct or moral turpitude.
  4. A company, firm or an association of persons shall not be considered for issue of a licence under this Act, if, it is not registered in India, or having a proprietor or a majority shareholder, partner or director, who is not a citizen of India.

Remedies if License is not Granted after 60 days of Police Verification

The application submitted to State Controlling Authority under Sec7 of The Private Security Agencies (regulation) Act, 2005 with the reference Rule 8 Form I. Then after the examining of application process of Police Verification has to be initiated through respective S.P Office.

After the Police verification, the Controlling Authority must grant the license or refuse the license within 60 days of Police Verification. in case of refusal of license Authority must explain the reason under Sec7 (4) of PSARA Act 2005.

In case of refusal must file an Appeal to State Home Secretary with 60 days.

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