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What is NIDHI Company? (Basics of NIDHI Company)

Nidhi Company is additionally referred to as a Mutual profit company. It promotes the art of saving and utilization of funds among its community members. Nidhi Company cannot attain somebody apart from its members.

Nidhis are also included in the definition of NBFCs which operate mainly in the unorganized money market. However, since 1997, NBFCs have been brought increasingly under the regulatory ambit of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Non-banking financial entities partially or wholly regulated by the RBI include: NBFCs comprising equipment leasing (EL), hire purchase finance (HP), Loan Company (LC), investment Company (IC) and residuary non-banking (RNBC) companies; mutual benefit financial company (MBFC), i.e. nidhi company; Mutual benefit company (MBC) i.e. Potential Nidhi company & miscellaneous nonbanking company (MNBC) i.e. chit fund company.

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To register a NIDHI Company Call at 9752-81-2898

Who can open / register a NIDHI Company?

  1. Anybody can open / register a NIDHI Company; there is no background check of promoter and director, nor there did any bring down qualification for being owners.
  2. The minimum capital demand for Nidhi Company is 5 lacs with minimum seven (7) members and two (2) directors.

How to open / register a NIDHI Company?

You can Easily Register a Nidhi Company you just need to contact us and provide us required document along with fees and we will register your Nidhi company for you.


To register a NIDHI Company Call at 9752-81-2898

More about NIDHI Company

  1. Since Nidhis come under one class of NBFCs, RBI is empowered to issue directions. However since Nidhis deal with their share holder members only, RBI has exempted the notified Nidhis from the core provisions of the RBI Act and other directions applicable to NBFCs.
  2. Nidhi companies are exempt from Section 45 IA (Requirements of registrations & net owned funds), 45 IB (Maintenance of Liquid Assets) & 45 IC (Creation of Reserve Fund) of RBI Act – RBI circular No:DNBS.PD.CC. NO.101/03.02.04/2007-08 DATED 2.7.2007
  3. Nidhi Companies are regulated by Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). Even though Nidhis are regulated by the provisions of the Companies Act, they are exempted from certain provisions of the Act, as applicable to other companies, due to their limited operations within members.)
  4. Incorporation of Nidhi Company: Incorporation of Nidhi Company restricted is analogous to the incorporation of Public Ltd. company. But, it needs certain different declarations.
  5. Restrictions on Nidhi Company: Though it’s an NBFC, however, it works under some strict guidelines for its operation. There are several compliances that must be complied at registration to avoid any penalty or being in default.
  6. Taking Deposit & Providing Loan: Nidhi Company cannot attain somebody apart from its members. You’ll have to be compelled to perceive the method of creating an exceedingly Nidhi company.

Regulatory Framework

Under Companies Act, 1956: Section 620 A

  • Notification GSR No:555(E) dated 26th July 2001
  • GSR 308 (E) Dated 30th April 2002,GSR 384 (E) Dated 29th May 2002, GSR 408 (E) Dated 31st May 2002, GSR No:775(E) 29th September 2003, GSR 202 (E) Dated 31ST March 2006, GSR 517 (E) Dated 31st August, 2006
  • GSR 326 (E) Dated 8th April, 2011 o Under Companies Act 2013: Section 406
  • Nidhi Rules 2014 & GSR.465(E) Dated 5th June 2015
    • U/S.462 of Companies Act, 2013

Objective of NIDHI Company

Section 406(1) Corresponds to Section 620 A of the 1956 Act,

“Nidhi means a company which has been incorporated as A Nidhi with the object of cultivating the habit of thrift, savings amongst its members receiving deposits only from individuals enrolled as members and by lending only to individuals, also enrolled as members, for their mutual benefit and which complies with such rules as are prescribed by Central Government for regulation of such Nidhi companies.

List of Document for Registration of NIDHI Company in India

  1. All Members Photo.
  2. All Members PAN Card.
  3. All Members Aadhaar Card.
  4. Digital Signature Certificate (Class 2 or Class 3).
  5. All Members Driving License / Passport / Bank Statement (Latest) / Bank Passbook.
  6. Address Proof of Registered Office (Rent Agreement / Lease Deed / Ownership Deed).
  7. Electricity Bill (Latest) of Registered Office Address.
  8. After receiving all above document you will get some format for signature.

Minimum requirement to register a NIDHI Company

  1. 2 Director minimum
  2. 7 Promoter / Member minimum
  3. 5 Lakh Paid-up Capital Minimum

Looking for consultant in Bhopal for Registration of NIDHI Company then contact Prospect Legal in Bhopal, we are legal consultant for registration of NIDHI Company in Bhopal, Registration of a NIDHI Company is very easy with us, just need required document and fees and you will get your NIDHI Company.



R-52, First Floor, Zone 1, MP Nagar
Near Chetak Bridge and Hotel Shree Vatika
Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 462011

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