List of document required for GST Registration for Proprietorship Firm/Individual


List of document required for GST Registration for Proprietorship Firm or Individual

When registering for GST as a proprietorship firm, you will need to provide specific documents to complete the registration process. Here are the commonly required documents for GST registration for a proprietorship firm:

  1. Passport-sized Photograph: Recent passport-sized photographs of the proprietor should be provided.
  2. PAN Card: A copy of the Permanent Account Number (PAN) card of the proprietor is mandatory for GST registration.
  3. Aadhaar Card: The proprietor’s Aadhaar card is required as proof of identity.
  4. Proof of Business Registration: Depending on the nature of your business, you may need to provide one of the following documents as proof of business registration:
    1. For a sole proprietorship, you can provide the registration certificate issued by the relevant local government authority or any other document showing the existence of the business, such as a trade license.
    2. In case your business is not registered separately, you can provide a declaration stating the name and address of the business along with the proprietor’s name.
  5. Address Proof: You need to provide proof of the business premises, which can be any of the following:
    1. Rental/Lease Agreement: If the business premises are rented or leased, provide a copy of the rental/lease agreement.
    2. Ownership Proof: If the premises are owned by the proprietor, submit any document proving ownership, such as a property deed or municipal tax receipt.
    3. Electricity Bill/Water Bill/Property Tax Receipt: A recent copy of the electricity bill or water bill in the name of the proprietor can also serve as address proof.
  6. Bank Account Details (optional): You will need to provide a copy of the bank statement, passbook, or canceled cheque leaf that displays the proprietor’s name, bank account number, and IFSC code.
  7. Digital Signature (optional): A digital signature certificate (DSC) is required for the authorized signatory or proprietor. However, DSC is optional for sole proprietorships and is generally not required.

It’s important to note that additional documents may be requested based on the specific requirements of the GST registration process and the state in which your business is located. It is advisable to consult with a GST consultant or visit the official GST portal of your city for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the documents required for GST registration.

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