How to Unlock or Reset Password of ePass 2003 Auto Token V1.0

In this page you will read and watch all about resetting or unlocking ePass 2003 Auto Token version 1.0. You are in this page that means your ePass 2003 token Blocked due to entering 10 times wrong password. Read the full article and following the process to reset password of your ePass 2003 Token. and use your Digital Signature Certificate.

Unlocking of ePass 2003 token or Resetting password of ePass 2003 Token v1.0 is very ease, just follow the stapes.

Process to Unlock ePass 2003 Token:

Follow the steps to reset password of ePass 2003 Token:

  1. Plug ePass 2003 Token in USB port.
  2. Check Version of ePass 2003 Token.
  3. Remove old Token Driver from your System.
  4. Install Token Driver provided in ePass 2003 Token.
  5. Download ePass 2003 Token Password reset Manager from below download link, or click here
  6. Unzip & open Password Reset Manager application.
  7. Scroll down right side of Password reset Manager.
  8. Click on Unlock Button, new window will open.
  9. Put SO Pin, SO Pin id “entersafe”.
  10. Put Password and Confirm Password.
  11. You will see a new window showing password unlocking completed.

In This video you will see how to Unlock or Unblock ePass 2003 Auto Token Version 1.0, watch full video to reset password of ePass 2003 Auto Token.

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