Complete Expert Provider with Ongoing Added Value Assessment for management systems certification Prospect Legal, one of the leading quality assurance and certification providers worldwide, offers a vast array of certification solutions to assist in meeting your certification objectives.

We have been providing independent assessment of management systems for many years. Our service offer has grown, and we can be a single source of supply for all your management system needs.

Companies today, regardless of size, face demands with regards to profitability, quality, technology, social responsibility and sustainable development. Efficient management system(s) that tailored to your business processes can help you face the challenges of today’s fast-paced global market.

To turn competitive pressures into competitive advantages, you need to maintain and improve your operating performance systematically. Management system(s) can help you focus, organise, and systematise processes for managing and improving your business.

Third party certification/registration can assist in measuring your management system(s) against national and international best practices. With ROHS as your partner, you can move beyond compliance. Our certification process will tailor to the unique needs of each company to provide better information on the organisation’s ability to meet strategic objectives. Our audits will focus on areas and issues that are most critical to your operations.

The certification that we deliver will enhance your systems and processes to create value relevant to your business for sustainable growth.

We provide expertise for certification services in the following field/sector:

  1. QMS ISO 9001
  2. EMS ISO 14001
  3. FSMS ISO 22000, HACCP Management System
  4. OHSAS
  5. ISO/TS 16949
  6. ISO 27001
  7. SA 8000

ISO 9001 :

Gaining competitive advantage through quality.

ISO 9001:2008 is an international standard on quality management system based on eight quality management principles to help improve organizational performance:

  1. Customer focus
  2. Leadership
  3. the involvement of people
  4. a process approach
  5. a system approach to management
  6. continual improvement
  7. a factual approach to decision making
  8. mutually beneficial supplier relationship

With greater emphasis on customer satisfaction, process management and measurement, and continual improvement with greater top management involvement, certification to ISO 9001 helps you demonstrate to customers that you have a commitment to quality.

ISO 9001 is known as a “generic quality management system standard” which means that the standard can be applied:

  • To any large or small organization, whatever its size, its product or service.
  • In any sector of activity, whether it is a business enterprise, a public administration, or a government department.
  • In any industry, for example, whether it is an engineering company, a manufacturer, a logistic company, a welfare organization, an international law firm, a bank, a chemical processing plant, a hospital, a hotel, a university or a restaurant.

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